Marking of objects and parts. Manufacture of labels and plaques

The manufacture of small and large series of INDELIBLE, ULTRAINDESTUCTABLE LABELS; resistant to chemical products and ultraviolet radiation, etc.

Stainless steel and aluminium plaques.

The laser marking of all types of parts and objects.

Label marking
Plaque manufacture

Marking of objects

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Vandal-proof keyboard marking Metal plaque for specifications Logos and specifications
Aplic automovil resite calor aceite

Laser marking has been adopted, with great success, by manufacturing companies of:

Tools, matrixes and moulds.
Electric and electronic material.
Household appliances.
Spare parts in general
Sanitary compliments.
Measurement instruments.
Surgical material.
Identification items.
Propaganda items.
Company gifts...

Laser markable materials:

Hard metals.
Iron, steel, stainless steel.
Aluminium, anodised aluminium.
Painted materials.


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