The Technical characteristics of the labels

Indestructible labels marked by the Nd-Yag Laser have the same properties as metallic plaques. There is no need for mechanical fixing elements as they are auto adhesive. Due to the flexibility of our system, single unit runs can be produced.

High quality and definition labels of Company logos and bar codes are possible. Number series from data bases and special characters can be imported, etc.

They are resistant to the toughest conditions, resisting steam, abrasion, detergents, acids, oils and lubricants, thinners…

They make any form of manipulation impossible. The marking is inalterable, any manipulation attempt results in the visible deterioration or destruction of the label.
Etiqueta placa caracteristicas indeleble Serie correlativa etq indeleble
Aplic automovil resite calor aceite Importación base datos cod barras
Etq precinto de garantía

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The label consists of the union of two acrylic films. The upper layer, of a different colour to the lower, absorbs all the laser beam energy. On reaching the lower layer, the beam is reflected without producing any absorption or deterioration to this layer. The text is visible in the colour of the lower layer.
1.- Blue acrylic film
2.- White acrylic film
3.- Acrylic adhesive
4.- Protective paper
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